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HP Latex 315 Image size requirements

HP Latex 315 Printer

#1 MikeF81 3 weeks ago

Hello all, hoping you can shed some light for me! Im using an HP 315, and I'm tryin to figure out what image size I'll need (pixels and inches) to print high definition images on Drytac Retac vinyl substrate. The actual size of the print will vary, but a typical example is 37x84.. some are larger and some are smaller.

#2 barry26536 3 weeks ago

mike, what software are you using for image manipulation?

#3 MikeF81 3 weeks ago

im using inkscape

#4 barry26536 3 weeks ago

I use Inkscape to print posters in my shop. Usually theyre family portraits etc. but I do print out some landscapes and fine art. My general guideline on images that I find from online sources, is a minimum of 3000 pixels in the vertical direction, though 4000+ is better. The tricky part is that not all 3000 pixel images are created equally; sometimes they look great when you blow them up, and sometimes they are all blurry. Not sure why. Ultimately, all you can do is import the image into inkscape, blow the view up until the rulers on the edges of inkscape are about life size (ie, the 1" ruler markings are really about 1", and see if it's sharp or blurry. A slight amount of blurriness will usually work (depending on the image and colors), but a nice crisp image will always be fine. If it's obviously fuzzy at the resolution, it definitely will not produce a usable image. The other problem is sometimes an image will get expanded, that is someone will blow an image up to a larger size before sending it to you; that will never ever work, and it will be horrible when blown up to poster sized. A normal cell phone pic is typically about 6000 pixels in the vertical direction, and that will work perfectly, if it's a sharp clean image.

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