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[HP Latex 300] What is it behind the carriage belt ?

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 julien6083 a month ago


I just have a small question about something I noticed on my L310:

Behind the carriage belt, I can see tiny black chips. You can see linked pictures. Is this normal? What is it ?

Thanks for answer, regards

#2 paulelw a month ago

#1 Julien, The flakes are small pieces of rubber from the carriage belt. This is wear and tear on the carriage belt part.

As long as you are doing your daily/weekly maintenance, such as lubricating the carriage rod, it will keep movement on the printer running properly.

You can clean the flakes out with a dry cloth and look for any remaining flakes on the platen/print area and clean as needed. Avoid touching the encoder strip.

A vacuum cleaner can also work but be extra careful not to hit anything.

If you notice more than usual amounts of flakes then your belt will possibly be due for replacement in due course.

If you re unsure of any cleaning procedure please contact a Service Technician and they can show you suitable cleaning procedure and also check the belt.

#3 julien6083 4 weeks ago

OK, I understand,

Then these tiny black chips that come from the belt are absolutely normal?

Or you think that I will have to replace the belt ?

The beld should be replaced on SMK1 service, isn't it ?

#4 julien6083 3 weeks ago

Here you can see my SMK preventive maintenance usage level...

What do you think about that ?

#5 HP-Sonia 3 weeks ago

The printer design takes into account the belt particles and collects them so they do not fall on the print. If there are excessive amounts then there could be an issue and you should contact your reseller

#6 julien6083 3 weeks ago


Thanks for answer.

I don't know if there are excessive amounts of belt particles or not. For sure there are more quantity of particules now than 2 years ago when the printer was all new. What do you think about the two pictures I linked on my first message ? (you can see the amount of particules)


#7 HP-Sonia 3 weeks ago

The number of particles will accumulate over time. If that is the total from 2 years then there shouldn't be an issue. However, if the increase is recent you should contact their reseller.

#8 julien6083 3 weeks ago

Hi Sonia,

Yes it's the total from more than 2 years use, we never clean these particles.

There is a little recent increase but we print a lot more.

I think you should inform the customers in the user manual so that they don't worry because it's a bit alarming to see all these little particles accumulate over time.

Then you think that the total amount of particules you can see on the 2 pictures is absolutely normal after more than 2 years of use?

#9 HP-Sonia 2 weeks ago

It seems normal to me. But, I am not in front of the printer. Just judging from your picture.

#10 julien6083 2 weeks ago

OK, thank you so much.

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