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HP latex 115 Print and Cut Do Not Buy unless you have experience with these...

HP Latex 115 Print and Cut Solution

#1 Scottalanlatimer 7 months ago

I just bought this 115 latex printer and it is a pathetic mess and HP is apparently unable to address my issues. The manual is WRONG thus trying to learn how to setup your cutters blade will leave you frustrated. I won’t even go into learning the software issues, those are hysterical were it not that I need this latex printer/cutter. HP is aware of this and continues to release incorrect manuals. Calling will not help as the poor techs know this and agree it’s poor practice. If I could get out of this equipment I would. Haven’t made a payment to the bank yet and already I am sick of the lack of effectual support.

#2 HP-ayelenfernandez 7 months ago

Hi @Scottalanlatimer,

Can we contact you privately? I think, would be easier if you explain to us what is the exact issue that is you having in order to provide you a better support.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Warm regards.

#3 printncut2018 6 months ago

We have bought HP Latex 335 Print and Cut machine almost 3 months up. We take up challenging jobs which need precise cutting, however our situation today is typical 'from PAN into the Fire'. We had horrible experience with Roland 640 i print n cut machine from this we thought we will be re leaved, but we are in bigger mess now having both machines and no results..... we seriously like to know why reputed company like HP as to get into false promises in areas they do not have the expertise.

#4 nectarioscy5528 4 months ago

i have worked with Roland print and cut for 10 years I have managed many many thousands of printing and cutting.... Today.... dont ask looking forward for millions of meters make my life easier simpler faster cooperation production Quality.... everything i needed is here! HP Thank you for great efforts and providing as such good service advances right tools in the right hands

#5 HP-Sonia 4 months ago

#4 Thanks nectarioscy5528 for your kind words! We are trying to improve our content every day!

#6 FC Graphics 3 months ago

What kind of issues are you having. I have had mine two weeks and all ready feel overwhelmed with the issues I have had. I make very little and work from home in the basement (Yes... I got that monster down a staircase.... never again) I have not had one good color print come out on sticker material or a photo paper. Black looks awesome and sold as can be. But anything other than that look fuzzy/grainy. I can't get any cloned preset to print at 1200 x 1200. The contour cut barcode wants to work sometimes. I feel I wasted so much material and ink trying to make things look good that I have just taken more steps back. At this rate their will be no money to make a payment. 2 complaints on the first 6 jobs.

#7 HP-Sonia 3 months ago
#8 Creighton 2 months ago

#7 Sonia - Thank you for that link! I've been trying to access HP training links from our P&C software for 4 months, and generally rely on 3rd party and YouTube because the originating links seem to all be broken. Thank you!!!

#9 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

Happy to help! Merry Christmas.

#10 chopvisualconcepts a week ago

#2 I’m havin issues as well. Can you please contact me about my HP latex 115 print cut solutions?

#11 HP-Sonia a week ago

Can you be a bit more specific in your issue?

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