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HP DesignJet L26500 (HP260 Latex) blues printing purple

#1 jprout65 a year ago

I have recently noticed that my EPS files I have been printing containing PMS colors that are blue in nature are printing on the purple-ish side. I have printed out all the test, printhead and color plots and they look perfect. This has happened on both a banner material profile and wet-strength paper profile, both of which 'used' to print normally.

I cannot pin-point where the issue is... profiles, inks, printheads or the Adobe Creative Suite ink management? Below is some of the current information on the inks/printheads in the machine.


M Cartridge: 766ml - exp. 3/13/18

Y Cartridge: 497ml - exp. 6/2/15

K Cartridge: 761ml - exp. 3/15/19

C Cartridge: 760ml - exp. 3/11/19

LM Cartridge: 473ml - exp. 6/30/14

LC Cartridge: 704ml - exp. 5/13/14


C-LC PH 1: fired: 100ml (2016)

C-LC PH 2: fired: 121ml (2015)

Y-K PH 3: fired: 1478ml (2011)

Y-K PH 4: fired: 35ml (2016)

M-LM PH 5: fired: 30ml (2016)

M-LM PH 6: fired: 31ml (2016)

Color Correction: checked off

The attached JPEG shows the Pantone 300c chip overlaying the actual print which looks very much like periwinkle.



#2 TG-Frank a year ago

In opposite to Dye-Ink, I would not use pigmented ink for a long time after they expire. The pigments could settle in the cartridge, so the printer could print with a much lower pigment density in the ink than with a new cartridge.

You should switch on color management too. While for example C100/M100 should give blue, most of the outdoor inks prints that ink relation very purple.

#3 Roy_Kuzmich a year ago

I have experienced incorrect colours with both Latex and other HP printers.

Have seen that the internal test prints for the PH's look perfectly fine so I start trying everything to correct but ultimately come back to replacing a PrintHead or two to correct the issue.

I noticed that you have one YK PH dated 2011 (#3) with over 1000 ml ink used .

I would start by replacing this printhead. It is 4-5 years older than the others.

I would also start thinking about replacing 2 PH's at a time. When you replace one of a colour, replace both.

You will see more consistency with your colours when you try to keep the usage of matching colours as equal as possible and you will likely get 2 from the same production lot.

Good Luck

Roy K

#4 jprout65 a year ago

I thought that was probably going to be an answer but in the effort to save $$$ for the company, I was hoping to find another work around. Penny wise, pound foolish!

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