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HP 310: strange slightly rotated output when printing reel to reel

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 hub2000 3 years ago


i have a strange problem: The print output is slightly rotated when printing reel to reel. Its a differnece of 3-4 millimeter. For all jobs on a 50 meter reel.

IIt seems to be printed like a parallelogramm. Please see pictures. The foil is exactly cutted by 90 degrees on this picture.

I print 6pass CMYK.

What could be the problem?

brg hub2000

#2 TG-Frank 3 years ago

Is this the front edge? Or is it left and right?

Front Edge: could happen because of media skew. The printer checks for media skew, but won't warn if the skew is within the tolerance.

#3 hub2000 3 years ago


its at the rear end. At each end.

could it be due too high tension and warmth?

brg hub2000

#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi hub2000,

In my point of view, your issue could be cause for one of this options:

1. You should try to minimize the skew while loading the media, make sure to check the max skew setting.

On your front panel press setting > Substrate > Substrate handling options > Max skew setting.

2. Sometimes medias could suffer deformation due to high temperatures. You can find a solution to this issue known as bowing in the user guide (p. 83-84).

3. Finally I know that some RIPs may have some sort of media skew compensation setting, i would recommend you to check if any settings are turned on in your RIP which could be affecting the final print.

Please let me know if this help you.

#5 hub2000 3 years ago


thanks for your tipps.

i will check this with the temperature.

I noticed its always at the same side. Its the side near to the print-head storage.

The bowing setting is only for a symmetrical bow (i understood so). In my case the right side (side near the print-head storage) is always longer.

Is there also the possibility to adjust only one side?

brg hub2000

#6 hub2000 3 years ago


i checked now:

  1. Skew while loading: Absolutely no problem, the foil runs 0,2mm and very exact on a long distance
  2. Temperature: I put temperature down to 95 °C, Same problem occurs. I cannot lower it much more due to the ink curing But now i know where the problem comes from: Between two prints on a roll, the printer makes a drying. This is the problem. When in this time the media is pulled out, dryed for 2 minutes and pulled in: The foil gets deformed! Please see appended PDF. Perhaps on one side the heating is differnet, who knows.

I request to have an option to be able to deactivate this intermediate drying/curing:

  • it gives too much instability with heat and tension from the roll-up!
  • it takes simply too long and is unnecessary for roll-to-roll print (see appended file)

Can you please urgently give this to your technics department?!

We really have a big problem, because the prints gets cutted afterwards and you can imgaine what happens...



#7 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hello hub2000,

If you want to avoid the curing between jobs, you should nest all the jobs. As you can see on the picture that you have attached on your previous response, doing it you will avoid additional curing between jobs, doing that the substrate won’t be deformed twice (avoiding to pass twice on the curing module). Try to contact with your Support RIP team to check how to nest jobs.

Please let me know if this help you,

Have a good day.

#8 limuel 2 years ago

is this issue has been resolved i was having the same problem with my latex 330 and latex 335 hp machine using sai flexi Print rip..........

#9 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @limuel

I you still experiencing the same issue please contact your support team.

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