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Colors seem off...

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 tjk 3 years ago


New Latex 310 owner here, moved over from Thermal.

Having an issue getting our colors to really match/stand out. Our reds are more of a dull red/dark orange, our yellow is more of a butter color, etc.

I'm using full Flexi 12 for our RIP and design.

Like I said, new to Latex and trying to figure out where to start to try and dial in the colors a bit better, any advice is appreciated.

Love the printer, so much nice then the Gerbers we've been running.


#2 TG-Frank 3 years ago

Have you carried out a color calibration? Is available through the library. It is not the same like doing a ICC-Profile, but could help in some cases.

#3 tjk 3 years ago

Yes, I've run it twice now, same results - Red 032 in flex is more of an orange when it prints then a bright red.

#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi tjk,

I'm glad to hear that you love you HP Latex printer! The HP Latex 310 doesn't have an internal spectrophotometer like the HP Latex 360, so when creating a new ICC profile, you need to use an external spectrophotometer or you can use a HP Latex 360 printer.

In order to match an specific desired color, I'll recommend you to follow these steps:

1. Upgrade unit to last Firmware version

2. Run Auto Printhead Alignment

3. Clone the media preset to save a copy of it

4. Reset Color Reference (it will erase previous reference in case there is one existing in the substrate media profile) Settings > Image-quality maintenance > Color calibration > Reset to factory

5. Run Color Calibration Settings > Image-quality maintenance > Color calibration > Calibrate

I'll be waiting for your feedback.

#5 tjk 3 years ago

I'll do this later this afternoon and report back.

Also, I'm not even sure this is a valid questions since I'm so new to this, but what color gamut do the hp 300 latex printers support? RGB, CMYK, Pantone, etc?


#6 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi tjk,

The HP Latex printers support CMYK colors. If you want to print a RGB file, you will have to convert it to CMYK with the RIP.

I hope this solves your question.

#7 TG-Frank 3 years ago

CMYK, RGB are no gamuts, but color Models. Pantone is no gamut too, but a color matching system. The gamut is the amount of colours reproducable by a combination of printer, print mode, media and ink.

The RIP-Software will process CMYK, RGB and other Colors in a way the printer can print, but sometimes colors are not reproducable on a (see above) given printer/print mode/media/ink-combination. If this happens, the colors are "out of gamut" (even if a RGB, CMYK or Pantone Color). In this case the RIP/Printer will process that color with the next similar color in the gamut.

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