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Color calibration issue?

#1 pideas1 2 years ago

I just changed my Yellow ink cartrdige. I ran a calibration and got this output. Does this calibration chart look correct? If not, can you tell me what's wrong with it? I don't have an older calibration sheet to compare it with.

#2 HP-MarcM a year ago

Hi pideas1,

Sorry for the late reply. I've just probably missed your post. after taking a look to the image i'll suggest you to change the lmlc printhead since it seems to be damaged (probably scratched).

Hope this helps.

#3 pideas1 a year ago

What is the "lmlc printhead"? Is that under warranty?

#4 HP-MarcM a year ago

Sorry for the nomenclature, lmlc printhead means the Light Magenta / Light Cian Printhead.

#5 pideas1 a year ago

Are those printheads under a 1 yr warranty?

#6 HP-MarcM a year ago

Hi Pideas1,

Your printhead are under warranty if:

1- They have less than 18 months of life after their production (check the printhead box)

2- You've printed less than 1 Liter of ink with the printhead.

If the printhead do not accomplish both of the conditions the warranty has expired.

Hope this helps

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