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Burnt/shorted out or blown printheads - L25500 latex printer

HP Latex 200 Series

#1 tjvisualdesign5118 2 years ago

I have this problem every once and while. When a printhead will short out and create this little burnt spot on the electrical connections (see photo attached).

The printhead will be fine before hand then the printer will ask to replace a printhead and I'll take it out, inspect it, clean the connections and put it back in. Then the printer usually will ask again, I reseat the printhead and it then it works fine, but sometimes it will just get worse until it shorts the printhead and I'll smell this burnt smell from the printhead. Then I know it's done. There goes how many hundreds of dollars.

Is this the printer doing this or the printhead? Is there something that can be done in the service menu?

This printer is fairly old, but my other printer the z6200 just doesn't do this sort of thing ever and it's pretty old. I hope it's just the printers age and not HP.

#2 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

#1 I suggest you to contact your reseller to check on the printer, as HP Designjet L25500 is no longer supported for HP.

After January 31th, 2018, it is not possible to get support from HP regarding the following areas: Spare part availability, Phone support discontinuance, On-site repair, CarePack portfolio, Software support.

However, the end of service life does not affect the availability of Ink Supplies and customers with an active support contract, such as CarePack, with end-of-support date after January 31st are still entitled to receive technical support from HP until the current contract expires.

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

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