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Blurred image/Color Powdery look

#1 copyshipresources5169 a month ago

I have an HP Latex 360 and no matter what substrate I print on, the colors have a hazy, powdery finish to them. Is there an easy fix to this?

#2 HP-Sonia a month ago

Hello! I know is going to be challeging but can you take a picture of what you are experiencing on your artwork?

#3 copyshipresources5169 a month ago

#2 Here is one picture. I have more my shop I can send. It appears to be a bleed problem and the red colors have a yellow haze on the bleed.

#4 HP-Sonia a month ago

#3 Looks like this could be a combination of printhead life, printhead alignment and media profile settings. So, I suggest you to:

  • Check the printhead life and replace if needed.
  • Make sure that the printheads are aligned and the media profile selected is the one for the media being used.
  • Besides, recheck the RIP settings are correct (test rotating the image 90º).

Lets us know if you have solved the issue!

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