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Black lines in print

#1 Susanne a year ago

Hey All,

Well, the saga of the Latex 360 continues...We seem to be having an issue with black lines in the print area, which drag into the white area of the letter as shown in the picture.We thought HP resolved the issue by replacing the bushings, but the problem is back Two weeks later.It doesn't seem like traditional banding, more like lines from the black ink/black printhead. We have a real issue with this printer though and HP doesn't seem to have a grip on it. This thing is like an old English sports car... Fun when it's on the road, but it spends a lot of time in the shop.

#2 Susanne a year ago

Gotta love this mesasage board...

#3 HP-MarcM a year ago

HI Susanne,

After checking your images, I can only recommend you to change the 2 cyan/black printheads and the Maintenance cartridge and check if the issue disappears. If not you should contact your support source in order to check your printer.

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