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2 Latex 360 with different colors

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 ferrer_leo 4 years ago


I recently got 2 latex 360 printers in November 2014.

In the first 2 months the colors among the 2 plotters was similar. But now i have to change 2 printheads of one of them and the colors aren't similar now. How can I make the plotters print the same colors.

I'm using Ri J45 Ritrama self adhesive, the *.oms file is downloaded directly from the panel printer. And the parameters are exactly the same.

Thanks for your help

#2 dypinc 4 years ago

You didn't mention it but certainly you did an new color calibration of your media after the printhead change, didn't you?

#3 ferrer_leo 4 years ago

You're right. I have done color calibration in both plotters. Btw my rip is Color Gate Production Server 9

#4 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

Are you doing the color calibration from the RIP or from the front panel of the machine? I will recommend you to do it from the front panel from the machine following the instructions of this video:

Improving Color Consistency with HP Latex 300 Series

Minute 3:36

Let me know if this works.

#5 ferrer_leo 4 years ago


I've tried to do this but the results were no satisfactory. i follow step by step all the instructions on HP video, but at the end still have a difference between the plotters, is there anything i could do??

One plotter is printing more dark colors than the other.


#6 dypinc 4 years ago

Most likely the spectros are not generating the same output in your L360s. I would complain about that and make them replace the one that is not accurate. Is one of them printing accurate?

#7 Roy_Kuzmich 4 years ago

You mentioned that this happened after you changed 2 printheads in one of the units.

Could it be that if you replace the same 2 printheads in the other unit that you will see the same results?

Roy Kuzmich

#8 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

To get a color matching between both printers, our engineers recommend to follow the steps from the videos, since that's the proper way to do it.

however, make sure that printheads are aligned before any color calibration is performed (mostly when generating the A reference), an alignment issue can be cause of color deviation. Alignment+color calibration should return the unit back to the color reference.

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