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Stretch and shrink issue

HP Latex 570 Printer

#1 jp6687 4 weeks ago

We've been using our L-570 now for just over a year using a mix of premium cast and cheap calindered vinyls. We've always had an issue getting a consistant length no matter what profile or settings we use. Although what we're seeing is within the machine tolerance of 0.5% stretch, this can be an issue when we're running longer panels. We've been told that we shouldn't see any more than 1mm stratch over 1000mm but this isn't true. Does everyone see this issue or have any suggestions please?

#2 paulelw 4 weeks ago

#1 For true accuracy you would need to do a printhead alignment prior to any job or at least each time a new media roll is loaded.

For media checking specifically there is the Substrate advance calibration:

Image quality maintenance >Substrate advance calibration > OMAS calibration.

You can also manually fine tune this:

Image-quality maintenance > Substrate advance calibration > Print adjustment plot.

Other factors can affect media physically such as laminates and storage and also conditions when applying media.

If any further issues arise you'll need to contact a Service Technician to check the printer for any faults.

I hope that helps.

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#3 HP-Sonia 3 weeks ago

Hi @ jp6687

On top of @paulelw comments, which are the first you should go, I suggest you to :

  • Load the media with 1mm skew or less.
  • If using the Take Up Reel, attach media to this roll before printing.
  • Print with media going to the floor and run some test prints. – if the test prints are good, then we know the printer itself is capable of accurately advancing the media
  • If you determine that printing to the floor (No Take-up Reel) has the best accuracy, but you desire to use the TUR, then choose the lowest tension setting possible.
  • If the media is still suffering from shrinkage, reduce the number of passes or reduce the curing temperature to prevent the media from being distorted during printing.

I hope you solve the issue. Please keep us informed!

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#4 peterb6706 3 weeks ago

#3 We were having the same issue on our HP 370. HP has a counterbalance weight that you can attach on the take up reel that will solve this problem.

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#5 marc ellogne 2 weeks ago

#3 1-Pour moi avoir une bonne qualité image, alignement , aligner les tête d'impressions après chaque changement de substrats. 2- Étalonnage avancé du substrat : qui maintien la qualité d’image. NB : N’oublier pas aussi que le stockage ou l’environnement au quelle vous gardez vos supports peut causer problème. MERCI

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#6 marc ellogne 2 weeks ago

merci Sonia

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