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Problem with colors at print

HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Solution Printer

#1 a week ago


my problem is that we have a slight magenta touch in every print. We print on Sai Flexi 12 and have all the settings adjusted. The papers are all with profile. Shades of gray always get a color cast. Here are some examples. The printer colors are all right. The calibration charts are okay, too. The test print from HP also shows the color wrong.

Maybe someone else has an idea of ​​what we're doing wrong.

#2 HP-Sonia a week ago


If all the Printheads are new and working fine, I would suggest making a color calibration and set it as a reference.

This reddish print could be due to a deffective printhead or maybe the color reference already set in the profile was done with some defect in the printhead, then even if the printhead has been replaced, the printer will try to get the most approached color based on the reference.

I also suggest you go through all the color articles that we have I hope this information helps.

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#3 a week ago

Thank you very much @HP-Sonia

If I understand correctly, do you assume a defective printhead? When I log in with the IP on the printer, the printheads are all displayed with OK and in warranty. If the printheads print all properly, how can I detect a defect?

Is it possible to completely reset the printer to factory settings?

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#4 HP-Sonia a week ago


We recommend to be in optimal conditions to set the color reference. These conditions are:

  • PH's good (less than 1L used, all of them alligned and without noozzles out)
  • Run "optimize print quality"
  • Media advance correctly calibrated

For better understanding and as mentined un the User guide:

The first step, you may be able to improve print quality with a single command: At the front panel, press "settings", then Image-quality maintenance > Optimize print quality.

This procedure performs printhead recovery, alignment, and color calibration routines, in order to optimize your print quality automatically in a single step. Allow up to 30 minutes for the printer to perform the whole process.

If you still experience print-quality problems, you can follow a more hands-on print-quality troubleshooting procedure, by printing, interpreting, and performing corrective actions. You can print all the test plots at once for complete debugging of your print-quality problem: At the front panel, press "settings" , then Image-quality maintenance > Print all test plots.

Alternatively, you can print the test plots individually for specific debugging of nozzle health, alignment, optimizer, or substrate-advance print-quality issues.

Hope it helps,

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