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L310 shrinking Prints way out of spec.

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 K-Car 4 years ago

Hi All,

We have a customer who started complaining that his prints are shrinking on all Vinyl and Banner media he has not tested other but will test paper for us and send results. The amount of shrinkage he mentioned was simply impossible until we started with our own tests. We drew a square block 1 meter x 1 meter printed it on our Demo L360 on our Vinyl using the latest Onyx using 12 pass standard profile. We measured the square and noticed that it had shrunk by just over 1 mm over 1 meter on the Y axis on our printer. This is acceptable. We then took the media out of our printer and went to the client called up the same file same Rip same passed same profile and printed it. This print shrunk on the Y axis by 15 mm over 1 meter and does so on all vinyl. This is way out of spec. We reset factory defaults on the printer with no improvement. We have done every calibration possible. The display on the printer shows correct print size. We made sure all the settings on both printers are the same vacume temp etc. The image quality is good. Any suggestions ?

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#2 TG-FrankW 4 years ago

A shrinking of media could happen for several reasons. That's why most RIP's have a output size compensation tool to adjust printing length. I don't know which RIP you use, otherwise I could give you suggestions where to find it.

#3 K-Car 4 years ago

We are running the latest Onyx Postershop version 11

I thaught Onyx only had the option to fix the Bow issue not the shrinkage problem.

You assistance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

#4 TG-FrankW 4 years ago

In Onyx you could do that through the media manager, print mode for print mode, in the basic print mode settings, as shown on the attached picture. You do not need to print the sample if you know the shrinking factor.

#5 K-Car 4 years ago

Thanks You have solved my problem. This is something we should know as the longest Onyx distrubitor in the world !!

#6 TG-FrankW 4 years ago

Thank's for you feedback, you're welcome. Yes, something you should know

#7 canedraco5011 a year ago

Hi guys just wondering if i can ask here on a similar issue on my 330 i am printing on some one way vision media using flexi basic for the rip and i and losing 200mm over a 3.5m print on the y axis but nothing on the x axis many thank in advance for your help

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