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WordPress Design-to-Cart Issue

#1 SIGNPRINTER.NET a year ago

I've got HP Wallart fully installed into our WordPress site. All green check marks on the HP Wallart data screen. I have a few products set up to work with the designer. The designer works by direct link and sends notifications and production file for production. Rip integration works. However, even after reading all of the materials online I cannot: (1) get a selected product to open in the designer; and, (2) have that design load into the cart for payment. The main challenge is getting a design to integrate with Woocommerce for the rest of the buying experience. What am I missing?

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

#1 Since the information we would need to provide you a solution are your WP credentials and HP App Center account and the URL of your website and this information can not be shared through the forum. You should contact the support team directly through

#3 SIGNPRINTER.NET a year ago

HP-Sonia, I Followed your advice and sent a detailed message to support, together with login credentials. No one ever responded. Is HP no longer supporting Wallart?

#4 SIGNPRINTER.NET a year ago

Why doesn't anyone respond to these inquiries?

See #3 above. "3 weeks ago" - no one responded to my detailed message to support. I am trying in good faith.

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