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Panel lengths vary, Images don't line up Latex 360

#1 Micca2170 a year ago

Hi there. I've been printing wall covering panels for a few years now on my Latex 360. When I print panels, I flip every other one. I usually only send 4 - 5 panels at once. I load the tension bar before I start printing. I use HP PVC Free Durable Suede exclusively now and have never had any issues until now.

If you line two of the panels up at the bottom they match but as you go up the panels, one of the panels begins to "grow" and by the time you get to the top, the image is misaligned and the one panel is about half an inch longer that the other one. This problem first started about a month ago. I haven't changed how I run prints. I've been on forums trying to get suggestions of what to try. Is anyone else having this problem?

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

After check pictures my first recommendation is try to use the media profile created on media locator if after doing so the results are not good enough. You can fine tune media preset on the following areas:

-Reduce, if possible, curing temperature -Reduce, if possible, Vacuum -Use low tension as possible (Take up reel dancer bar) -Disable OMAS (the back of this material is textile based and sometimes OMAS can be lost), perform advance factor calibration (with OMAS disabled) and set advance factor on the media profile.

Regarding workflow is recommended turn 180º 2nd 4th 6th.. tile and so on for a better matching between tiles.

If after follow all these tips and tricks, the issue persist. Please, contact with your support service.

#3 HP-rana a year ago

This sounds like an unusual problem, since you state that you have been using the same substrate in the same way for some considerable time in the past without an issue.

I would suggest that you try the following :

  1. Measure each of the printed strips to understand if the "wrong" ones are actually too short or too long.
  2. Load the substrate into the printer and engage the take-up-reel, then re-calibrate the OMAS sensor (Image Quality Maintenance -> Substrate advance calibration -> OMAS calibration).
  3. If Step 2 does not solve the problem, try disabling the OMAS (in the Advance settings for the substrate) and try printing again - see page 93 of the User Guide.
  4. If the above steps do not help, then it may be that either you have a problematic batch of substrate (try with another type of substrate to check) or the printer has a hardware issue, in which case the substrate path should be cleaned/checked by an engineer.

thanks -rana-

#4 HP-Jordi a year ago

#3 Hello, I would like to add that I had a similar problem with mismatched panels on a wallcovering paper, and doing Step 2: Load the substrate into the printer and engage the take-up-reel, then re-calibrate the OMAS sensor (Image Quality Maintenance -> Substrate advance calibration -> OMAS calibration) improved significantly. thank you

  • Jordi -

#5 DavidBecker 6 months ago

I'm glad (kind of) to hear someone else is having this issue. We have two l360's and have similar issues where the panels are anywhere from 1/8" - 1/2" different height. We have tried loading on the take-up reel, calibrating the OMAS, letting the media fall to the floor, all with the same results. We are printing on Phototex OPA. I'm getting frustrated with the results and we have several large jobs coming up that will require 15 - 20 rolls of material. This seems like it's an ongoing issue. What else can be done to fix it?

#6 HP-Sonia 6 months ago

Did you try all the steps that HP-Rana suggested?
Have you tried a different type of substrate? If the issue persists after applying the recommendation explain above, you should call you to support service, as your printer needs to be check by an engineer.

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