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#1 Law@krafted 3 months ago

Hi guys i want to explore the market , im keen to know outside South Africa what new trends what crazy things you'll are doing to disrupt the market , im tired of your normal print and cut , or wallpaper or fabric frames , im looking to do something different , unique ... any ideas please share

#2 HP-Sonia 3 months ago

I recommend to surf on the project at the applications area: It is a good place to share ideas!

#3 Studebaker 2 months ago

#1 One of the things that is market disrupting that I do with my HP Latex printer is to print on hydrographic film! This is really different from the run of the mill vinyl wrap printing. Here's a link to Youtube videos describing what I'm talking about.

If you guys do it, be sure to turn your optimizer level to "0" and set the curing temp to 200 degrees. And print in mirror...

#4 HP-Jordi 2 months ago

#3 Thank you for your comment. Hydrographic printing looks amazing and very interesting!

#5 Paul Wagner 2 months ago

#3 Hi Studebaker, I would love to learn more about your experiences with hyrdo-dipping using HP Latex.

#6 Studebaker 4 weeks ago

#4 #5 My apologies for not responding sooner! This "forum" doesn't email notifications... What specifically would you like to know about printing on hydrographic film? I'll be glad to answer any question you may have.

#7 HP-Sonia 4 weeks ago

Yes you can have email notifications. Please subscribe to topic on the top right hand corner.

Please keep sharing your projects in this forum so we all can learn

#8 Varribas 4 weeks ago

#3 said

hydrographic film

Wow! Really interesting. Which hydrographic film are you using for latex?

I'll try to do some tests here in Barcelona too.

Kind regards,

#9 john5559 3 weeks ago

I'm in Canada, and I've been told we can run the film on our Latex. But I can't seem to find a supplier. Any insight you can offer?

#10 HP-ayelenfernandez 3 weeks ago

#9 Hello @john5559,

Please, let me know which brand are you looking for and I will try to find a reseller there.

Have a nice day!

#11 Law@krafted 3 weeks ago

Im in South Africa , does any one know were can i source this film from so i can try it on my latex

#12 Law@krafted 3 weeks ago

#3 Thanks a lot im really excited about this ... Im looking at introducing it into the corporate world , looking for those big clients ... Any ideas

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