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Change in HP Premium Poster

#1 agBoston a year ago

Recieved a new roll of HP priumim Poster Paper Looks like they have changed product. Same Product number but paper is more yellow other rolls have been more blue-white. Has anyone seen this or know about the change.

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @agBoston

Can you tell us the Lot number so we can identify the roll?

#3 agBoston a year ago



#4 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @agBoston

Thanks for your answer I will do the tracking and get you informed.

#5 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @agBoston

Yes you were right. You have already recieved the new version of this substrate which has a less bluish and more neutral white. We have published the media profile in the Media Locator. New version identified with "new" sticker; 8 thousand (vs. 9 thousand); 216gsm vs. 220 gsm; Warmer white; New profile will have a _17 extension (Made in Germany).

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

#6 Graphikal 10 months ago

We noticed the same thing. The surface also seems to have more of a satin coating, and it doesn't appear quite as opaque as the previous iteration. This media was "out of stock" for a while, so we figured this had something to do with it, but our LexJet rep said he checked with HP and it was exactly the same. Thanks for the new media profile - my guys will be happy to know they were right.

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