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80 lb gloss cover

#1 --- 4 years ago

Does anybody know of an HP approved latex printable 80 lb gloss cover product that comes in rolls 60" or wider?

#2 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

Hi TomLance,

I do not understand at all what you are asking for. Are you looking a substrate (Vinyl, Paper,...) or are you looking for a glossy lamination solution?

#3 TGAPCLT 4 years ago


I think what Tom is looking for is a commercial offset printing paper stock that is gloss coated on both sides with a basis weight of 80# or 216gsm.

#4 HP-RomanB 4 years ago

Hola, Tom! HP is currently offering one offset coated paper with a satin finish which I've tried and it works quite well with HP Latex Technology. It is the "HP Photorealistic Photo Paper". It is not a "resin-coated" photo paper, it is a "traditional" offset paper, so it has a lower price. It exists in several widths (36", 54", 60") and it is coated on both sides, with a grammage of 205 g/m2. I know of some customers printing on both sides of this paper (most HP Latex printers support the automatic double sided printing), although it is not a block-out paper. Other materials of this kind which are certified for HP Latex printers are the ones from Cham, specificall the EXTERIO Visualjet white 909.This one exists in 200 g/m2 and in 63.7". Another good brand for this type of papers is Ahlstrom, with their Chantaffiche line.

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