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HP WallArt FAQs: Managing Fotolia content

HP-MarcM 14th of May 2014

Question posted on HP WallArt forum section:

How to manage Fotolia content in WallArt?

The HP WallArt users, could manage their Fotolia account and content by accessing the Fotolia option in the "Content" section of HP WallArt:




Within this section, they can access the "Account" tab in which they could sign up and benefit from the promotion as a valued HP customers:




The management of the Fotolia images is an easy and straight forward process: The customer could use Fotolia's search function directly in HP WallArt and place the search results on their HP WallArt project. Images obtained through this method are used as placeholders within the project:




If the images are used as placeholders, once the project has been finalized and the customer places the order, the customer will receive the following message:




This message informs the customer to contact the PSP and provide the project's ID. With this ID, the PSP will then be able to proceed with the order and charge the customer accordingly to the images used on the project:




The cost of 28$ is the total cost for the Fotolia images selected by the customer. This is not the overall cost of the HP WallArt design project, but simply the part from Fotolia that need to be charged to the customer's project.


Alternatively, the PSP could also purchase by themselves content from Fotolia and make it available to all their customers. This is a one-time purchase, and these images will be directly available in the Folotia content folder, either as background images or objects.


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