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HP Ecosolutions Training

HP-MarcM 26th of March 2014

The HP EcoSolutions Trained Printing Company program helps you gain new knowledge to assist clients looking for wide format graphics solutions with a reduced environmental impact. Start with this web based interactive training.

Learn about the key factors that influence printing more sustainably, and how to communicate your sustainable printing efforts to your customers.

This training is designed to help you get the most of from the environmental profile of your HP Latex printer and to help you understand how you can take steps to build a long-term commitment to sustainability, creating new opportunities for growth.

The training consists of nine modules across a range of sustainability topics and should take around two hours to complete, however you can leave the training and pick up where you left off at any time. Some of the themes covered include:

  • The many ways that HP Latex Printing Technologies can help reduce the impact of printing on the environment.
  • The environmental profiles of wide format inks and the impact of substrate selection.
  • Insight into recycling and responsible disposal options.
  • Developing your organization's own commitment to sustainability
  • Factors influencing more sustainable printing.
  • Building an ongoing commitment to printing sustainability in your business.
  • Learn how to communicate your sustainable printing efforts.
  • Map out a plan of action for turning your new knowledge into new business opportunities.
  • New tools to promote your business

Upon completion this training, HP will provide you with a certificate and an icon identifying you as an HP EcoSolutions Trained Printing Company that you can use for your promotional purposes.

Click the following link to start the training: HP EcoSolutions Training*

*en español no esta el Ecosolution training for windows

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