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IMPORTANT: Extended Downtime Procedure for HP Latex 3X00 and 1500 Printers

HP-ALBA 20th of March 2020

Due to the current Worldwide situation, with COVID-19, the need has been identified to document best practices to guarantee that, if both printer and printheads are stopped for an indeterminate period, this is done in the most optimal way possible.

Procedure to turn the printer OFF:

1. In the Internal Print Server, select Printer > Replace printheads.

2. If the service position window is open, you are asked to close it.

3. The carriage moves automatically. Open the service position window to access it.

4. Carefully remove the printheads from the carriage and protect them using the original orange sealing caps.

  • CAUTION: Ensure that each printhead uses its own orange sealing cap and not the cap for some other printhead. This is especially important with the optimizer printhead caps as there is a high risk of nozzle damage if they are mixed with the color printheads, and vice versa. The optimizer caps are labeled as shown in the following image.

5. Label the original position of each printhead properly (Latex 3x00: printhead #1 to #7; Latex 1500: printhead #1 to #4).

       a. It will be necessary to insert each printhead back into the original position before turning the printer power back on, to avoid error messages.

       b. Store all printheads vertically, in an upright position, as shown below, with the orange cap facing up.

6. Click the Shut Down button on the IPS software to shut down the eBox. Wait for the message “Printer is offline”, then exit the IPS software and click the Shut Down button on Windows to shut down the IPS PC.

       a. Wait until nothing is displayed on the IPS monitor before you physically turn off the switches of both the eBox and IPS PC.

       b. Turn off the wall circuit breaker.

7. Disconnect all ink cartridges.

8. Disconnect all intermediate tanks, but leave them in the slots.

9. Close all doors and covers.

10. Optimal conditions for the printer, ink cartridges, and printheads during shut down is from 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C) and 20% to 70% relative humidity.

       a. If the printer is going to be exposed to temperatures below 41°F / 5°C, a certified engineer is required to flush the ink lines from the printer.

11. If the printer is going to be idle for more than 3 months, it is also recommended to flush the ink lines from the printer.

Procedure to turn the printer ON:

1. Place the cartridge on a flat surface and turn it four times (rotating it through 360 degrees), as indicated on the label, to ensure that the ink is well mixed before use.

2. Insert all ink cartridges back into the original ink channels.

3. Remove each intermediate tank as shown below, place it horizontally on a flat surface and turn it four times (rotating it through 360 degrees) to mix the ink inside each tank, then insert back into the original position.

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid mixing positions of intermediate tanks, so this procedure one intermediate tank each time. 

       a. Remove the screws and the cover to access the intermediate tanks.

       b. Remove the intermediate tank and turn/rotate it four times (rotating through 360 degrees, as done with the ink cartridges) as explained in step # 3.

       c. Reinstall the intermediate tank after the process is complete.

       d. Repeat steps b and c for each intermediate tank.

       e. Place the cover back in position with the screws.

4. Turn ON the wall circuit breaker, the printer, and the IPS PC, in this sequence.

5. Shake all printheads 10 times according to the following image:

6. Follow the replacement procedures Printer > Replace printheads.

       a. Insert all printheads by following the previously labeled positions for each one.

7. It is recommended to complete a Check & Clean and a Hard Clean for all colors.

8. Print a “Verify Printhead Status” plot to check the nozzle conditions.

9. Complete a printhead alignment calibration.

10. The printer should now be ready to start production.

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