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Environmental certifications and eco-labels overview

HP-Sonia 8th of November 2019

HP Latex Technology delivers all the certifications that matter to your operators, your business, and the environment
Note: PSPs must seek certifications and eco-labels directly with certifying bodies.

End-to-end sustainability—a better approach:

HP Latex Technology has fundamentally changed the environmental profile of signage printing. With an end-to-end approach, HP continues to set the standard for more sustainable large-format printing.

Recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP has the commitment and the scale to address current—as well as anticipated—environmental requirements, and to continue leading the change in signage printing. By working closely with our partners and customers, and closely managing each component of the printing system (printer, inks, and printheads), we can design and deliver products that provide an end-to-end large-format printing solution that’s better overall:

HP Latex Technology carries a broad set of credentials addressing the full spectrum of environmental concerns from ink chemistry and indoor air quality—for both print production and display—to lifecycle considerations that earn recognition for products as environmentally preferred overall. This document provides a description of each of the environmental certifications and eco-labels applicable to HP Latex Printing Technology.

Each certification and eco-label applies to specific products—in many cases in specific configurations or under
specific circumstances—within the HP Latex Printing Technology portfolio. For the most current information on
certifications and eco-labels for each HP Latex printer, reference product data sheets available at The certifications and eco-labels highlighted above apply as of January 2016.

Environmental certifications and eco-labels overview

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