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3M announced the new warranties for Traffic Sign solution with the HP Latex 365 in West Europe

HP-Sonia 8th of May 2017

Warranty 3M is providing  

New MCS™ Warranty for Traffic 

Permanent Regulated Signs: 

  • 1170 laminate
  • Black printing only
  • White sheeting & all embedded colors
  • 10 years for HIP, 12 years for DG3

HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_flecha.jpg  HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_55.png   

Temporary Traffic signs: 

  • No laminate
  • Black printing only
  • White sheeting & all embedded colors
  • 3 years for HIP, 3 years for DG3

HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_work_orange.jpg   HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_work_yellow.png     

New MCS™ Warranty

Non regulated signs:

  • 1170 laminate
  • Any printed colors
  • White sheeting & all embedded colors
  • 5 years for HIP, 5 years for DG3

HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_bus stop.jpg  HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_Parking.jpg   

Out of scope:

  • Long term regulated traffic signs.

HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_80.jpg  HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_franklin.jpg  HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_3MWarranty_123.jpg   

For more details on the warranty conditions visit the following web page:

Compatible media

Other colored media (white, yellow and fluorescent yellow) are represented in the 3930 and 4000 sheeting series

Media presets

Final agreement between 3M & HP is based on customer visits, tests and on 3M/HP standards. HP created 5 media presets (each one containing 3 print modes at 12, 16 and 20 passes):

The media presets can be downloaded by using the “Online Search” menu located on the printer’s front panel.

For more information on the print mode specs please refer to the following article 3M reflective substrates procedure

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