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Astrolabe ultraviolet inkjet on canvas 69 x 189 inches 2014

HenryM 10th of March 2016

This is a large scale painting called Astrolabe.  Named for the ancient highly accurate and sophisticated devices used to chart the heavens.  

In my work, I use text to create abstract artworks.  In this painting I used the names of all the stars visible in the night sky as a starting point.  I trace the outlines of all the letters and then transform the shape of each letter into the final artwork, working by hand with digital tools.

Each colored line is a different letter.  The entire image of the painting evokes finding ones place in the world, and in the greater universe.

I used the HP Latex 3000, with (DUGGAL) as the PSP.  Great results and the artwork was aquired for a private collection from a solo exhibition.  Looking forward to using this printer for many more paintings.

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